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Novagel 1 Ltd. is a leading distributor of raw materials for confectionery, baking, cooking and ice cream. We have been conquering the Bulgarian market for over 27 years.

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We have selected the best suppliers of raw materials and are proud to announce that we are their exclusive distributor for Bulgaria and Serbia. Some of these names include the brands Master Martini, Credin, Kardasis and other major producers of raw materials for confectionery, bakery, cookery and ice cream.


Our mission is to serve our clients with professionalism, as well as to offer the most up-to-date products and training in the field of confectionery, cooking, baking and production of original Italian ice cream – gelato. An extremely important part of our work is to establish personal contact with each client, which will subsequently become a long-term partnership. Thanks to this, we have won the trust of our clients all over Bulgaria, because the dedication and passion we work with is always a prerequisite for the development of successful business on both sides.
Eurogel е бранд на Novagel1, който стартира още през 2011г в България
As we are innovators and always try to keep our image at the highest level, we know that one of the most important prerequisites for our name to be recognized is a well-established brand. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our new face, namely – Eurogel, which started back in 2011 in Serbia, and since 2018 it is operating in Bulgaria.


Thanks to the relationships established with the leading manufacturers, our team offers training for its Bulgarian and Serbian clients in the factories and professional academies of big names in the industry, as we know the skills and knowledge of how to use and offer a product to the end customer are an integral part of any successful business.
Novagel1 е ексклузивен дистрибутор на продукти Master Martini за България и Сърбия
Novagel1 е ексклузивен дистрибутор на продукти Credin за България и Сърбия
Novagel1 е ексклузивен дистрибутор на продукти Kardasis за България и Сърбия
Novagel1 е ексклузивен дистрибутор на машини и оборудване Selmi за България и Сърбия